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Art director & teacher at Amazing Fox Entertainment

Amazing Fox Entertainment is a non-profit organization whose activities are
supported by volunteer work or for a symbolic reward. However, significant
costs are unavoidable. Every year the theater spends about
$35,000—40,000 on theatrical needs.
This includes: rental of theaters and rehearsal rooms, insurance, tailoring of
costumes, production of scenery, rental of a truck for transportation,
purchase of musical equipment, props, payment for teachers, artists,
designers, master classes and much more. 
Your support will help the youth theater continue its creative activity, grow,
and develop.
We are open for cooperation with any company and individual who wants
to support theater activity. Together, we can join forces in creating
performances and children's events that will benefit and delight our kids.

We invite sponsors


Our theater is actively developing, we engage people who are
passionate about theatrical art.

Many projects have already been launched, however, there are many interesting new project ideas that are waiting for funding.

We have several programs for patrons and sponsors:

1. Target financing

You can choose a project and help with its realization.

Thus, you will see the final result of your funding.

2. Financial assistance to the theater

You can help the theater by donating regularly or just once.


Become a theater sponsor

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