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The company offers an alternative to licensed engineers. It was developed in-house by the company Rival Technology GmbH & Co. KG in Seegelsbach, Germany. With the toolbox, the user can set up and test with ease. It has a completely closed software and the product does not require any additional software or drivers to be installed in the hardware. Serials can be downloaded for free from the official site of Rival. With Rival your SDR can have an application for receiving FM signals. The high precision of the software and therefore the frequency modulation signal is measured very precisely. The measurements can be exported, edited and evaluated. The software can be compared with licensed RTOs for use in the automobile sector. The RadioBOSS can be used by those who are not familiar with SDRs, without this knowledge and without obtaining a license. The radio frequency signal processing has a new processing method, designed for optimum selection of signals and for quick memory capacity. The operating system of the Rival RadioBOSS is an open and free operating system. The tool can also be used as a low-priced SDR, for both amateur radio and more serious users. Rival has developed the toolbox for WLAN, WISP, WLAN, HAM and FM signals as well. There is a lot of educational content available with the RadioBOSS toolbox, which can be very beneficial for both new users and experienced radio amateurs. Rival provides a product overview for the radio amateur, for example, by supplying measurement example outputs and a range of information on how to receive radio signals. In addition, Rival offers its own homepage in English and German. The company even supplies customer service via email and phone. The RadioBOSS toolbox is based on the Rival RTL-SDR, which is an inexpensive SDR. Software The software is cross platform and can be used on Windows, Mac OS, Linux, and other operating systems. See also RTL-SDR References External links Official website of Rival Technology GmbH & Co. KG Official homepage of the software Category:Software radio systemsThe invention relates to an apparatus for developing photosensitive material in the form of a continuous web, which apparatus comprises a developing chamber, a drier, a stripper and, upstream from the drier



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